KENOSIST - The Rising Cost of Free Jazz


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just got this and been playing it a lot. not exactly the same but some similarities, from this experimental/free jazz guy from Portugal.

this blurb is a good summary

Magic conjuring by Pedro Sousa to give life to a series of ideas around dub, psychedelic and ritual that have long haunted him. In a levitation with a touch of bad wave – because these times imply it – Sousa makes himself gather of accomplices from other various walks to arrive at a music that echoes distinct hypnotic strains – always DJ Screw, but also Pole and Porter Ricks, Steve Lehman’s octet, anonymous slowed down versions of Youtube or the footwork breaks. Counting on Bruno Silva and Simão Simões on electronics, Miguel Abras on bass and Gabriel Ferrandini on drums and percussion, besides Sousa’s own clean and processed saxophone, Má Estrela seeks to reel in a flow of sound with room for silence and disruption. Half dreamed.