Invisible Sounds take over Porto 22nd & 23rd April


Invisible Sounds are on our way to Porto with Cosmos' Ricardo Grussl in tow - tonight, April 22nd, we provide a superior background to your drinking, fighting and fucking (or whatever it is people do in a swanky and sophisticated bar) - as we play Torto Porto from 11pm until 3am.

Tomorrow we're back at Ferro with a simple plan to do pretty much what we did last time ie take the fucking roof right off*.11am until 5am.



*I hope they have fixed it after last time. I almost feel about the inevitable destruction of their handiwork.


Torto Porto place is pretty swanky - this cocktail is made with beetroot and comes with a strange black carrot (which looks pink in this light). It's nice but too sweet to drink more than one.

There is a huge portal to another dimension behind the decks... handy if the punters hate the music and you need to escape.


Can't upload most photos though.
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After we finished about 0330 we went to catch our friend playing at Passos Manuel which is a cinema that has been converted into a club. Love the decor, one of the nicest I know in Portugal. Shame the sounds didn't match it...




Anyway, tonight is the main event at Ferro Bar, last time it was crazy, let's hope for the same again.


Although, seems we've pitched up in the middle of an argument... turns out last week some guy got thrown out of Ferro and kicked up a fuss and the staff bundled in and fucked him up and now Porto's scene is debating whether or not to cancel the venue. Lots of people want to boycott the place... but luckily for us it appears that just as many want to stand up for the venue and are determined to show their support by going.
I have no knowledge of the incident and thus no opinion about it, but for my own selfish reasons I hope the latter group is bigger than the first.