The Evidence-Based Paradigm


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what have you got now?

what we have is some person who has to make a mark and then rebrand "HR" into something even more meaningless ("low hanging fruit" as the management would say, just assume the new role as head, and then change the name of your department - zero consequence, but when you present to the big boss, big changes )

I'd say what they are called now, but everyone still says "HR", so the change is meaningless, and potentially "doxxing" if I were to reveal the true inanity of what that department has been named


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we need to pay more attention to how AI is already manifesting in network effects and access to knowledge at a gigantic scale, and how those effects are already acute in some spaces and also quite absent in others
Totally agreed. Systemically consequential implementation of AI algorithms which were trained on overfit datasets, EG disproportionately representative of those effected by these algorithms, would be and likely already are a problem. Less because the engineers are malicious in their bias, but more that these things are likely often designed without consulting those with more humanities-based expertise.


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Evidence base as a criteria data set > holier than thou evidence-based pseudo religion, my own field is healthcare and toxicology so better to try a route in there

If myself or a colleague can ‘life map’ deeply traumatised people, tally frequency of traumas from interpersonal relationships ranging from trusted family members to single assaults etc, get them into a trauma therapy programme post detox, their rates of recidivism plummet. The 20-30% pool of clients who’d detoxed multiple times without life mapping and referral to trauma T shows you the direct antithesis - much much higher rates of recidivism and mortality from higher % fentanyl cutting

This evidence base set, where you take the time unearthing secrets people have been trapped by for decades, works or the job itself would become a bureaucracy - dignity, respect, listening attentively to identify themes, core beliefs and transference risks, plus clear communication

The Master and His Emissary turned up this week via a link to The Matter With Mind posted by HmGovt. Worth looking at the former due to the very different roles played by left/right hemispheres and how they affect the very definition of evidence (and by default its multifarious constructs)


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arguably the craziest modern Internet cult of them all to me is ultra-rationalists

sometimes you get effective altruism

sometimes you get eugenics and Nick Land type bullshit

sometimes from the same people

the idea that you can rationalize every decision if you just try to hard enough is fucking crazy
greaber has an excellent passage about the often contradictory nature of "rationalist" policy. let me see if i can find it