Smokin’ hot ragga jungle mix


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Hello all, back again to leave another one of these here for people who might like it, in the event that some of you still enjoy listening to jungle (shout out to the other Americans on the boards who do!). Majority 94/5 ragga bangers, with a few 00’s North American revivalist joints, couple recent tunes plus odds n ends. Made a fake radio spot for the intro from a favorite clip of that dude named Gerald defending jungle from its early critics. Tracklist below.

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Marvellous Cain & Beenie Man - Slam (Gimme De Girl) (Jet Star Records 1995)
Lennie De Ice - Konk (Do Or Die Records 1994)
Tenor Fly - Born In The Ghetto (Fashion Records 1994)
The Concrete Junglist - Lick Him Ina Him Head (Lloydie Crucial Productions 1994)
Mykal Rose - Ouncey Boy (Jungle Mix) (Record Factory 1995)
Lennie De Ice - ‘U’ Ask For It (Do Or Die Records 1994)
DJ Dub Rush - Amazon Girls (Back II Back 1994)
Conquering Lion - Phenomenon 1 (X Project 1994)
Family Of Intelligence - Nice Time (Kemet 1994)
Lennie De Ice and ET - Grave Digger (Jungle International 1995)
Chatter B - Dub On Fire (Avex Trax 1996)
Sky Joose - X-Redskin (Remix 2) (Third Eye Records 1995)
2 On A Tip - Rare Groove Jungle (Ibiza Records 1994)
Fusion - Burn It Down (Kemet 1995)
X-Clusive - Exclusive (Mix 2) (Jungle Mania Records 1995)
X-Clusive - Exclusive (Mix 1) (Jungle Mania Records 1995)
Formula 7 & Easy Bass - Run From De
Sound Clash (Quayside Records 1994)
Criminal Sound - Soundboys On The Floor (Jungle Cat Recordings 2013)
Unknown Artist - Untitled (GBBL04 AA2) (Green Bay Wax 2020)
C-Bizz - The Crowd Says Rewind (A-Sides Remix) (Brain Records 1995)
Remarc - Menace (White House Records 1995)
GT & Paul Ibiza - Pulp Fiction (Mix 1) (Ibiza Records 1995)
G-Force & Ils - Gun Shot (Mistermen 1994)
Harlequin - Fuck You & Your Family (Ruff Element 1995)
Bizzy B + Equinox - Everybody (Brain Records 1993)
Bizzy B - Week End (Big City Records 1993)
Sky Joose - You’re The One For Me (Unreleased 1995)
Chatta B - Non Stop Juggling (Redskin Records 2021)
Chatta B - Bad Man Tune (Redskin Records 1995)
The Gambino Family - Hold On (Gambino 1995)
DJ K - Respect (Big Cat Records 2003)
BC Rydah - Reason To Kill (Yeska Beatz Unltd 2019)
Capital J - Tear Your Head Off (Bananas Kru NYC 2004)
Setwon - Say Warr (Sound So Fierce Records 2015)
Shaka Itchi - Run Ragga Tune (Sound So Fierce 2020)
BC Rydah - Ruffnek (Yeska Beatz Unltd 2018)
Bizzy B & Pugwash - Just A Little Crew (Unreleased 1995)
Lloydie Crucial - Stroke You Up (Lloydie Crucial Productions 1995)
Fallen Angels - Hello Lover (Desired State Remix) (IQ Records 1994)
Lionist - Loving You (Fist 2 Fist 1995)
Urban Shakedown - Burnin Passion (Dubplate Mix) (Unreleased 1994)
Blak Panta - Do What U Want (Hardstep Babylon Mix) (Tommy Boy 1995)
Family Of Intelligence - Time (Kemet 1994)
Capleton - Cold Blooded Murderer (Mix 3) (Street Tuff Records 1994)


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Listened to this cycling through the city tonight, it was perfect for that, thanks for putting it on here. Got some enjoyable stares.