Cosmetic Surgery


Cat Malogen
Self-identifying bohemians realised the odds of group sex were higher if they actually washed and looked after themselves during the same period crusties disappeared. Causation v correlation?

The evolution of online life created a multiplicity of strange dark narcissuses and public profiling imagery, reflecting and re-presenting outwards any/all insecurities held within

Individuals + social norms = culture. Any culture manipulating anxieties of image projection as fully as you find today is properly fucked


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rail yard ghosts

seems to be a thing in the US, crusties terrorising small town America with "folkcore"

you can see the dirt beneath their fingernails...

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Those guys who inject shit into their arms to fake muscles are absolutely mad.

Now he just needs the corncob pipe, sailor's cap, and anchor tats.


Edit: although he's actually kind of the opposite, isn't he? Stupid biceps compared to Popeye's massive forearms.