Is it possible to be a serious person/have serious expereinces?


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Srsly srs

Have you made life changes to adapt to work/relationships/illness/fortune? They’re all serious, experientially. Moved to another country and been a resident long enough to assimilate fully? Same. All tied to confronting choices or lack off but you have to make room for pleasure and fun

In a JBP Kermit voice - The longer you put off confronting the serious elements of life, well, golly, you better be bloody aware of such unexamined existential consequences of not committing to srsly srs
are you the first person to quote Jordan Peterson on here? i think you might be


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it's a lot easier to get something done when you don't take it seriously, just think of it as a source of stimulation/amusement. a game. so what would a serious person look like? maybe a basement-dweller.