There is a launch event in the pipeline by the way - looks like the exclusive function room at the notorious Old Kings Head will be the venue ... more details to follow.
signed copies might well be available


can we get a little preview, a snapshot
The Albatross or Breaking Bread with the Iroquois

A little bird of black and white
It flutters round about the place.
Collecting trinkets, useless shite
It carries in its stupid face

O magpie, wherefore art thou pied
O magpie, whereto hast thou flied
O magpie, bring me luck, I say
O magpie, how's your wife today.
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Benny B

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Lucky recipients of the first printing are getting what posterity has already labelled "the lasagne edition",
the next version will have no typo on p23
Mine arrived today (thanks Sufi!) and I went straight to p23 but tbh it's hard to tell what the typo could be. Is it the word 'lasagne' itself that should be something else, or the perhaps the capitalised 'Porky' just after it? I mean, the whole thing looks mad as fuck anyway (in a good way)

Benny B

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Well, just read first few pages up to the words PREDICTION TABLET and I can already tell it's gonna be great. Quite dizzying range of effects and great movement across the page, (the rippling harp for one) some great words ('chokepoint' 🔥). Eliot, Burroughs, Prynne, Pound all in there but with a vitality of its own and plenty of memorable phrases. Strong start. Well done that man.