third goes popular but not poptimist


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with a couple of weirdo bits sprinkled throughout.

Bashed this together as I have to fly to Turkey cos my nan died earlier last month.

For all the Tom Ewing wannabes who don't know what makes good songcraft, and sonic exploration. Here the value judgments are calculated and germanic, not philistine and British.

@suspended listen to this to understand the islamic age of dissensus. you can have it on shuffle.

@Corpsey generally you have impeccable taste when not faffing about with carly rae flotsome and the beatles.

@luka here is another production for you. you can make the youtube playlist by hand when not thinking about foot fetishes.



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Zealot listening, a coup against journalists.

the RAF conquers London. Ulrik Meinhof's romantic desires in audio form.


skim through and really glad to see Fool's Paradise and 702 on there

but also Don Henly?? that's a surprise
I really like that song (Boys of Summer) for some reason. It's sort of thing that I like to hear when I'm hung over in a pub and this kind of weird sentimentality overtakes me.


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off the cuff things are often more interesting than those that are labored over.


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how are funerals usually conducted back home? what is to be expected?

just loads of visitors. can kind of avoid most of it unless the guests ask for me.

there isn't one event of the funeral, just the janaazaa/burial prayer then for a couple of months guests will flit in and out, food will be prepared for the deceaseds family. the idea is that friends shall spend a lot of time with my dad though in such uncertain economic times in Turkey it will be a limited affair.

Loud music and generally (over)extroverted behaviour will be discouraged for a good 40 days to permit everyone to grieve. of course in private you can listen to music and watch tv but its not the done thing to demand the whole family watch your favourite show or whatever.

So yeah, fairly quiet and reflectively somber, but not overly taxing.
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