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maybe @sufi can delete the thread and put us all out of our misery.
And ruin all my hard work? 😕

FFS, this was meant to be a rolling thread for amusing stories about people having things removed from their bottoms after "falling over while cleaning in the nude."


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Taboos vs prohibitions - see geas(a), aka surreal obligations/prohibitions

In the Irish cycles, a character will be forewarned by a religious figure (usually as a nipper) regarding prohibitions specific to the individual in question. They range from not staying in a guesthouse beyond 9 days, to not riding behind 3 red riders, to even more seemingly ludicrous plots

They work as social norms and frequently incur a triple death, compounded by characters doing everything they can to avoid their own geasa but, in turn, transgressing enough to enable their own end. See Diarmait mac Cerbaill and Bec mac Dé, Celchtar etc, or even Myrddin in Wales

Different in meaning to the Anglo-Saxon concept of the wyrd, which is a wayward turn but there’s a degree of overlap too regarding The Fates. If you look at bog bodies they’re nearly always placed along boundary settlement thresholds, whether in Ireland or Denmark. Ritualistically tortured but questions relate to status - volunteer or criminal? No-one really knows officially although slicing off nipples suggests the latter, eg suckling a king’s nipple was a sign of a subject’s sublimation

See Freud about sublimation, to invigorate art, sociality/civility and “progress”


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Looney tunes cunts. I'm sure I used to be able to amble on in and shoot the shit with the guys about love and life. Now it's all Bitcoin and Eminem whatever they are


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I don't come here to share some mad theory I just like having a chat with the lads but now everyone is fucking cuckoo