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I will be sure to send my $3 to Paramount and Nicole Kidman's estate, thank you Leo for the reminder

a lot of normal, average, non-executive people work at those places and have the same food/rent/mortgage/education/healthcare expenses as you or anyone else. what justifies not paying the company that gives them a job, pays their salary and healthcare, etc.?

you take the moral high ground on important topics like defending pedos, why not here too?
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If you want to stop eg eating biscuits, tell your family/coworkers that they can pick up an on-the-spot fine should they catch you doing so. Make the fine high enough to make not doing it a no-brainer - your reserve of willpower will thank you


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share some of your top nerd power tips

If you use Twitter without an account and that pop up comes up demanding you sign up or log in, you can click 'sign up' then just close the pop up when it asks you to enter your email and it'll go back to the page you were on and you can keep scrolling.