Shallow electropop and electroclash


Can turn naughty
I guess I should probably apologise to anyone who became powerfully and uncontrollably aroused by this post. In the future I think I will need to warn people that I' m about to unleash the brutal beauty of my pen and that when the mood takes me I simply cannot be responsible for the untrammelled eroticism that pours forth

I prefer it without warning tbh


Warehouse Operative
Oh really, I never knew that. Ha ha that's pretty funny. Nice one, did you know that from the top of your head or did you have to retrieve it from some archive?

Knew it from the top of my head. It's a pretty famous incident. There are clips of it on YouTube.


OK, so I was bored, and I looked on discogs... and it says "Lyrics By, Vocals – Tree Carr (tracks: A1)"

And then I clicked on Tree Carr and that took me to "Tree Carr is an American singer, multi-instrumentalist and actress that has played in a variety of London based bands and has appeared in several films. She is also the owner of "Today is Boring" a cult DVD rental shop and film society based in East London."

That name Today is Boring takes me back and it all makes sense cos I think that Gobsausage were something to do with that shop too. Just before those "DVDs in the mail" things put shops out of business (and then the fact of every film you wanted being online put the mail order ones out of business in turn), I used to go to Today is Boring all the time cos it had a great selection of weird films. They also used to do showings of films and they did Twin Peaks too I seem to remember, can't remember the format but I feel I went there every day for a month or something to watch the whole of the first two series. And I'd completely forgotten it ever existed until I read that link above. Weird how that happens.

Right down to its name Today is Boring seemed like a sort of rock n roll dvd library in some way, in my mind I did sort of associate it with the cheap and silly (ok, the even cheaper and sillier), borderline pornographic end of electroclash.

Now this is a weird thing... I followed this woman Tree Carr on Instagram, I wondered what she was up to these days as she was this kind of face around east London in those days, I always had this feeling that she was sort of a mean girl, I dunno why, probably just totally unfair prejudice based on her having a sort of beautiful but cruel face and cos of her singing those lyrics on The White Van Man song in which she basically bullies some sad loser for leering at her from his van.

Nowadays going by her instagram she is a witch who travels around doing rituals and talking bollocks. I was gonna unfollow her but I didn't get round to it and then she followed me back so I just let it lie as with a million other people on insta, fb or twitter who are nominally my friends but with whom I never interact or do anything....

Until today when she messaged me and asked if I wanted "a reading"! So I said, what's a reading? She started going on about how it was necessary for me to know the good and the bad in my future and how the universe had told her that I specifically needed a reading right now. Naturally enough I asked "Do I have to pay for the reading?" and she said "No, you don't have to pay, you just make a donation". And I thought.... I thought this girl was so fucking cool but it turns out she is messaging people out of the blue and telling them that the universe wants them to give her money.... she's the fucking white van man now! Oh dear.