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Avicii is the one who died right? Reading about him was very sad I thought, one of those crying clown things, at the centre of a massive arena in the spotlight with everyone looking up to you... but completely and totally alone. A clear example where fame and wealth and all of that counts for nothing without some sort of base. I'm not saying that it was suicide, just that his existence sounded absolutely miserable.


You know, I always thought that Avicii wrote his own songs though... my understanding was that (don't ask me how I know this) he sent some songs to Laidback Luke and LL liked them and sort of made him his protege. So... how does it work? LL discovered him writing songs and then they gave him some "better" ones?

Avicii did this


Though actually not by this Aldred guy ""Wake Me Up" was written by Avicii, Mike Einziger, and American soul singer Aloe Blacc.[1] Aloe Blacc also provides vocals for the track[2] and Mike Einziger of Incubus provides acoustic guitar"

Wikipedia also says

Avicii introduced "Wake Me Up!" for the first time live on stage at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The experimental rendering reportedly confused and angered a section of the electronic dance festival community.

I have to say, it confuses and angers me. I think I've said elsewhere that I try not to get annoyed by bad things, like I remember when I was at school or uni etc people used to get angry about, I dunno Take That or Boyzone or whoever it was at the time and even then it struck me as sort of performative. I remember seeing Human Traffic in the cinema and there is a scene where he does this long rant about the Spice Girls and even then it struck me as really embarrassing, I felt embarrassed for him and the film and myself watching it. At this whole thing of someone having to prove how real and underground they are by saying how bad the Spice Girls are and how much they hate them. It was really one of the most uncomfortable moments I've had in a cinema. Weird, like watching a comedian lose it on stage and feeling sorry for them... but that shouldn't be possible with a film... where am I going with this? Fuck.

Oh yeah. I want to say, I don't want to go on about hating songs or whatever. If there is a bad song just move on, leave it to other people to waste their time on it, just leave it and go on to the things i like, life is tos short to get worked up about bad stuff and it doesn't really affect me, blah blah blah and so on.

But, that said, the song above Wake Me Up by Avicii is.. absolutely beyond anything I could have imagined when I came up with that philosophy. It's absolutely extraordinary, It's like someone has a total and utter hatred for music and also for humanity. As though they set out to ruin music, to completely destroy it, to make something so wrong and evil on every level. It can't be a misfire, it feels that something like that couldn't happen by accident, it's as if a Beethoven level musical genius decided to use his powers for evil and put all his incredible creativity into crafting some monstrosity, some unimaginable nightmare in song form that could mount a serious attack on music itself and somehow destroy the pleasure that people gain from art, some sort of unholy anti-everything racket that went far beyond any childish attempt at nastiness from punk bands or black metal or anything. It's a disgusting malevolent revolting fucking abomination of a song. When I hear it I lose the will to... think, or move.. I feel my spirit being crushed and weighed down, broken into helpless pieces beneath its relentless assault, just giving up, collapsing under the weight of this malignant fucking... thing. How is it possible, how do people, how do people like it, when you see pictures of crowds singing along with lobotomised smiles you know we are doomed, in fact we're already in hell. I really don't like that song.
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