Ego at Arroz - Friday 26th August from 8pm until... pretty much all night I guess


On Friday I'm one of the guest DJs for these guys who call themselves Ego, Liza palyed for them at a small bar a few months back and it was a really nice party, tomorrow in a bigger spot let's see if we can get that atmosphere again. I'm bottom of the bill playing 10pm until 11.30 so maybe no-one will even see me, but nice to be involved all the same.

On August 26th starting at 8pm, @egonwards will bring three special guests to Arroz Estúdios: CVLT, AAguilAA, Idle Rich, joined by the resident of EGO, Khalil Suleman.
This event starts in the Arroz Terrace (open-air) and will end at the indoor area
Tickets: 8€ pre sale / 10€ door
Arroz Estúdios is a non-profit cultural association, a membership is required to enter. *Membership cost is €3, it's valid for the whole year, and is pay at the door.

EGO x Arroz August 2022 final.png

They gone really crazy advertising this. Every second I get another update saying that there is another notice about it. I hope it's not overkill, I guess they have done more than one "main overall" pictures and then probably a different variant with each individual dj and i think they've done some other things showing it's listed as one of the best nights in town or something.
Unfortunately this picture below got them in trouble cos it had a cool looking guy smoking and they weren't able to share it as an advert cos it was "promoting smoking"

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Thanks man, it's actually an old one taken in my parents' garden of all places. They gonna be disappointed when I show up in shorts and a stained t-shirt...



Well those shoes are posh, I got 'em from that outlet village thing, now if the discounts they quote are to believed then they were reduced from like six hundred quid to eighty or something - and they are nice and all that, I like 'em, only problem is, they are so fucking thin, they are like paper, if you wore them on the street they would be torn to pieces, don't think I've ever worn them... maybe to my brother's wedding now I come to think of it, but I had just had an operation so I went there by taxi and left after half an hour or so also by taxi (my attendance still lasted longer than the marriage he he). So... I thought I was getting great value for money with a five hundred pound discount, but I've literally only worn them for thirty minutes in about six years so it didn't work out that way.


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that is quite the outfit overall, suit/wide tie/shades. should do at least one DJ gig in that getup.