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Boggles me still sometimes when you put on 'Time to Jack' and it remains so heavy in the face of everything that came after it. Often at a remove it is difficult to really appreciate what are held up revolutionary or foundational records but that Chip-E track really stands up today in its own right and as some thing a distinct House thing from other stuff now recognised as proto.

Greater groover here from Jefferson and Adonis

And this one I only first heard last month, pure Knuckles



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Larry Joseph vibes, unrelenting purpose by Leron C even if the provenance of his body of work includes Detroit

smashes it

Many probably know this already but loads of the Detroit heads would go out to Chicago to check Ron Hardy at the Music Box and with people like L Carson and Theo P you get a sense that they were carrying his torch


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just heard this one out of the blue last night and it really got to me. it's like the suicide s/t submerged under a warm, cozy glow. an eerie tranquility. "far away & underproduced, like you could back then..." (tho in this case by no means incompetently produced, the pitchbends are genius.)
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haven't gone through this thread yet but i can't not mention the later phuture singles. they don't have the stark breaking-through energy of acid trax but in their own unflashy way are stylistically perfect. completely smooth/streamlined yet made up of constant ridiculously satisfying micro-shifts in pressure. super limited: four on floor kick, basic 808 sounds, spartan restriction to one or two cool samples/sonic hooks per track, etc. like with eon's "tan ru" period: super limited resources with maximal cleverness. "inside OUT out out out..."
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