Private Obsessions; White Whales; The Quest!


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Ever had one? I don't think I have. I've had hobbies I've been obsessed with and achievements I've pursued doggedly within them, but can't say I've ever had a Grail.



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The night I went to see Osunlade dj in 2008, aka the night I was fully converted to house, he played Ron Trent and Chez Damier's Morning Factory (the highlight of an incredible set) and I've wanted to make something that could stand up to it ever since.


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Part of me envies the singular drive of having a quest, but it often seems to be something of a curse for anyone who actually has one - and for the people around them.

Mr. Tea

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I'd give anything to find some truffles while out foraging, but seeing as I own neither a dog nor a pig, this is likely to remain a pipe-dream.


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One of my brothers' mates was supposed to be tagging along on some rich guy's trip to uncover a sunken city or shipwreck or something he thought he'd found.

That does seem one of the cooler things you can do as an incredibly wealthy person, finance outlandish expeditions in pursuit of lost treasures.
Enough money to take up the search for Atlantis as a hobby.


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i think werner herzog is an example of someone living now who sets himself unrealistic goals then fulfils them but not all the time. some of the method acting people possibly relevant too


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There's got to be at least one person on here who's spent years on the hunt for a particular record or something.


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herzog is true example of that moribound race. quixotic by nature. almost solipsistic. read in his autobiography that he grew up after the war playing in the rubble of bombed houses. said it was the most fantastic thing for the imagination


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i would like to discover a cave painting that would put everything we know about our ancestors upside down. i don't know where to start though, most of them are found by accident.


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Wonder if Bernie sanders qualifies? He’s been preaching the same socialist agenda for decades, his eternal battle against “millionaires and billionaires” way before it was made fashionable by the recent wave of progressives.


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Forgive me father, for I have sinned (who ever told the priest everything?)

Finding musical keepers will only stop from death. Not the complete history of recorded music or from undiagnosed ocd completionism, just a few coves dotted around the world panning for gold. Occupies plenty of lives. You could live multiple lifetimes and still not hit the floor. Endless fun. Not always a good move in a relationship where records are seen as a mistress of time (and space)

Work related and a mix of fun, absolute grim Britannia but satisfying is trying to find the purest heroin batch profiles. 2 types mainly, street hauls and more occasionally dealer/network seizures. The counterpoint is identifying which batches are the most fentanyl and benzo heavy and their source distribution hubs, ie where’s it punted. Relatively easy lab chores, cutting agents prove consistent but it’s anomalies and rarer profiles which denote a specific region say, over x number of months etc

What’s perversely fun and stirs wonder are the ranges of colour diamorphine exhibits through analysis. You won’t see more entrancing hues of beige and, because it’s granular, you can backlight and zoom right in through to whiter hues. Certain drugs never cease to amaze and appall, except none have the colour of heroin. Sounds hypocritical but the the time spent admiring its colour spectrum offsets time wasted using (spurious disclaimer)

Formerly? Casual silliness. Dogging. A distilled set of rituals. The adrenaline surge of one supplanted by the slow anticipatory fuck(s) of the latter. None of the 1982 Ford capri shit Craner claimed, although Stan Colleymore genuinely fucked the game for everyone