softcore dance


is not like other people
It is before my time tbh but he's alright Peter, even if he has made a career of being a professional scouser

Make of if what you will

these lists are something i imagine @WashYourHands could have wrote


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they did have a go at a drum n bass vibe though, not one of there best tracks imo

Ah I completely missed that - by Dots and Loops I'd kind of tuned Stereolab out a bit.

I rather like it - it's sort of miniaturized drum & bass. Very dainty.


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"jungle is better than drum and bass", proceeds to play the softest dnb ever produced...


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for all this lots invocations of dub reggae and on U Sound, this is the whitest form of dance music, even more than belgian techno, which is no mean feat, really.

Weatherall got much better when he started playing minimal dubby house and longform trippy techno.

Diabolical ecstasy casualty piece and love hippy crap, deeply irredeemable in every conceivable way. Brits need to stop having fun, and get real, sometimes.
Big beat (Fatboy Slim, Chem Bros) and trip hop (with notable exceptions) are whiter than white imo