State Socialism is Inevitable

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
iøve never met a person irl who earnestly believed in socialism. whenever you ask them they're always like, well i'm not actually a communist
I've found people very widely use it as a synonym for social democracy, especially in America. Leftists there will talk about how wonderful "socialist" Scandinavia is, because, to them, state-funded healthcare and statutory maternity leave that's longer than two weeks seem like a radical utopian fantasy. Rightists, OTOH, talk about it like it's virtually the USSR, with a ban on private property and a ten-year stint in the salt mines if you criticise the government.


Ummmm I think you're misunderstanding me here. What I meant was that data sources can be modularized to prevent a factorial or exponential explosion in computational complexity.

In some "ideal" sense, yes, every piece of data is reconciled against every other piece of data. But practically speaking, there are many known processes to simplify and make tractable computational problems, these including lossy compression and modularization. Indeed, every form of life on the planet employs exactly these strategies. We should just assume that such strategies will be a part of centralized economic data processing.
I'm not sure what u mean. if there was a general procedure for reducing complexity then it would be a non issue, but clearly that's not the case. certain problems inherently do not scale and I dont see how you can get around that