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Inside job in this context is a moronic term, as I'm sure you are aware.

Suppose it was proven that 9-11 was an inside job. Would this generate a complete condemnation of angloamerican imperialism? Abso-lutely-fucking not.

I’m not saying it what was an inside job!


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Did a paper at uni on the Falling Man and visual culture, comparing it to images of terrorism in the north of Ireland yawn



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A theory you don't often see explored re: the alleged suspicious trading is it may have been connected to 9/11, but only in the sense that those people making the trades were some of the few paying attention to the threats being made against the US and happened to make a decent bet on how they'd manifest, similar to the guys in The Big Short.

I think it's unlikely, but it's more plausible than some of the theories suggesting a vast conspiracy.

When one character notices a fluctuation in airline shares the week prior to 9/11 and questions whether “predicting market behavior would be the same as predicting a terrible disaster?” the protagonist answers “If the two were different forms of the same thing” (Pynchon 320).

We've talked about this somewhere on here before. How wars, natural disasters and so on are reduced to numbers going up and down when you live through the market. It becomes a game where the players are completely detached from the action.

In the capitalist’s exaltations, the logic of accumulation and the religious sublime dissolve into one, a fantasy of ultimate triumph over ignorance and uncertainty, and hence risk—insider information at its most cosmic. What’s a terrorist’s strength compared to all this?