One of those ppl who vote on "values" doesn't like my blog :(


bloody roar
I have so many sarcastic responses, but none of them do justice.

Dear Black People:
We gave you the right to vote and that was a pretty big deal. But if you can't play better basketball, we're sending you back to the cotton fields. Sorry, but that's the way of the world.
Yours truly,
White People

PS: Please stop talking/acting different from us, or, if you must continue, do it quietly and out of sight.
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Dude is seriously wacked. Here he talks about why we should end affirmative action, er, "affirmative racism" and then here about why war IS the answer!


was minusone
"Anderson's rule number three: A healthy culture has mimicry of one's betters; a sick society has the opposite."

Got no idea who anderson is but even if this were true - and it may well be that our society is 'sick' - who is to blame, 'one' or one's 'betters'?

Andy K

A white athlete or musician would never strike his wife or girlfriend, and he is far too intelligent to dabble with drugs. But what do I know? I am an English teacher who spells "molotov" "molotav," or "mozzletauv" -- whatever.