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Yo i jus want to tell you about this new site thats jus had a fresh new design is now back up! im tellin you this not just for promotion but this man flava is goin KRAZYY tryin to get people some promotion with record labels handin out flyers n that but he needs alot of help anywhere on the net if you tell one person and your friend tells one person alot more artist would be gettin heard....even you! believe me we have competitions soon to come with more exposure coming to those artist who take part ..... the icemuzik mixtape feat grime mc'ees rap rnb more to come even if you're just a listener you can come and support us by listenin to this hot new talent tellin your friends about our future projectz and joining our site to site battles/competitionz theres alot more big thingz goin down WORLDWIDE which can get your muzik heard just remember us.....he will help you every step of the way Home for Cold Flowz n Phat Beatz

Plus i get pointz for each recommendation which earns me free hosting in future monthz!