what if he loses?


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Does anybody know who Kerry's lining up to fill his administration in the event of victory?

For example, who would replace Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Feith at the DOD?

Any card-carrying Democrat gossip-hounds reading?

And does he actually mean it when he says he's going to pull US troops out of Iraq in a year?

What would Kerryworld be like anyway?

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oliver craner said:
What would Kerryworld be like anyway?
Less obviously and disastrously incompetent.

Less comprehensively run for the benefit of a tiny cadre of the super-rich and a (somewhat wider) group of fundamentalists.

Doubt he'll fix Palestine though.


Who can say what Kerry would do with Iraq, Afghanistan, the UN, the environment, etc. Maybe not much that different from Bush. But surely President Kerry would at least show less contempt for the law, civil liberties, the constitution, due process, the truth, etc. - and that would be a huge step forward.


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oh by the way


those two articles were interesting. Were you spotting the Clintonoids too?

I wouldn't mind Holbrooke being around again. He was tremendous in Kosova.


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yes it does look very clintonist. i'm a bit too young (grew up under clinton) to have a v good instinctual reading of this, but former or woulda-been former clinton ppl may be all the democrats have at that level any more.

my hope is that the domestic face will be pitched to the left of what clinton's was; gephardt at labor is a good sign i think.


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Tremendous in Kosovo? I wasn't aware that anyone in the Clinton administration did anything good in Kosovo whatsoever...