Creative Genius at Walkers


Darned cockwombles.
the british can be justifiably proud of their crisps, there's no disputing it.
i am coming back to london on holiday soon. i will have been away for almost 3 years.
have there been any developments in the world of crisps in that time? when i started this thread the crisp world was going through an unprecedented stage of innovation, as detailed above. has this ground to a complete halt, or are there voluptuous new flavour sensations awaiting my eager mouth?

chocolate and chili walkers.


chocolate and chili walkers.

Gone now though in favour of eggy fart flavour.

This is the biggest innovation in crisp technology in years Cassava and Sweet potato:




Cassava!!! Badmon crisps... The Ninjaman of the crisp world.


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yeah cassava was in effect before i left.
at first just ones that seemed to issue from india or the west indies, brand names i'd never heard of, but then taken up by walkers, most notably in the sensation range mentioned above. cassava does make an excellent alternative to potato. much lighter.
i approve wholeheartedly.
MSG is also a great crisp ingredient and much underrated.


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i think sweet chilli is overrated, just as an aside. too cloying. too ubiquitous.
ditto cheap balsamic, used without discrimination. i'd rather a good wine or cider vinegar a lot of the time.


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i know fa re crisps, Luka, but i trust you're aware of the storm in a teacup re the trialling of Walkers flavours that eventually resulted in just one new one of late?

i know y'all can help me out, what do i mean?

somebody posted a link to the Charlie Brooker piece on it from his Guardian column.

oh yeah, this lot here.

having said that i know fa, i will eat pretty much anything, i don't have any critical faculties to discern true opinions.

the other night i caned a load of ready salted, original Pringles, and i will happily chow down on Hula Hoops, Monster Munch, posh ones you get in organic delis like, McCoys, anything really. i do like the sel et vinaigre Pringles (any country on earth where i have bought salt and vinegar Pringles, which is, OK just a few) it has been the French version.

my top pub grub is actually pork scratchings but obv a no-no for many people.
Black Country or south Lancashire pork scratchings all day long.


You mean the eggy fart builders breakfast flavour which was voted number 1.

agreed about Sweet Chili luka - the velvet crunch version is particularly weird... its like a biological weapon, with this fine powder you inhale rather than eat..


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Ireland has some particularly fine crisps in my limited experience and i would invite Droid to please say a few words on the subject if so minded :)



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Yeah, that latest Walkers range was a bad slip. It's now been years since the singular triumph of the Take Away range. How long before we right them off completely?

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I would agree the UK leads in the salty snacks game, and also in the sandwich game too (a product of symbiosis I'm sure), but I'd point out that the US Kettle Chips (or Ms. Vickie's) and Crispers (though only dubiously a "crisp") are definitely heavyweight contenders.

Also, Walkers might have a flavour that purports to taste like roast beef and yorkshire pudding, but let's be honest, it doesn't taste like roast beef or yorkshire pudding. They all just have different anonymous salty/tangy flavours.



Ireland has some particularly fine crisps in my limited experience and i would invite Droid to please say a few words on the subject if so minded :)


Thanks Scott. There are indeed a fine selection of Irish crisps, ranging from:






At the cheap end - to the mid/high end end - Hunky Dorys, Tayto, Manhattan etc..




(Seamus O'Malley was a tavern owner from County Waterford who had a problem with rowdy patrons when he ran out of crisps. If the roads were closed and crisp deliveries became impossible, so did the locals. He figured if he could create a crisp of his own he would no longer have to rely on deliveries. With the help of his wife's renowned cooking talents, he set about solving his problem. The results of these efforts led to a mouth watering range of tantalising crisps. Needless to say, his plan was a success. The locals were happy and the O'Malleys brand became famous.)




And, in my opinion, the finest cheese and onion crisps on earth:



Bar-b-q transformers. Total yum for like, 20 pence or something. A-maizeing!

As a tyke I'd get a bag of these and my mum would put some kitchen roll down on a table so I could put the wheels on the little men, hehe.

I don't eat crisps now, cuz I'm trying to stick mostly to unprocessed, fresh stuff. But the two convenience foods I do enjoy occasionally are Super Noodles and Cup a Soups, hot grub is more satisfying.


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specially when you factor in the cheese thread, its alright though, so long as theres a small hole the blood can still get through


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i don't understand why anyone eats supernoodles. they are way inferior to most much cheaper noodles. especially the tom yam ones by koka and the ones they make in the brown packet. they are amazing.
My GNVQ business studies coursework involved some crisp related market research. You would be surprised how much useless knowledge about the cut & thrust world of potato & maize baked snacks you can learn in a library. I remember writing about the drought of exotic crisps that coincided with Philleas Fogg's decision to kill off almost their entire range, the loss of californian sun chips, mignons marceau, a indian & russian brand. Sad times. Now I barely eat any crisps, I mainly associate them with children. Britain may be on top in the crisp producing game but Ireland is the worlds biggest consumer of crisps per head of population. greasy fuckers.

You could argue that Wakers is a multinational fascist organisation with its heart set on conquering the crisp eating world. Their standard range of crisps are average. I hate it when they are the only crisps availiable in a shop, it is so unjust when they have pushed superior products out, eg. the world class tayto cheese & onion (so well thought of that they are supposedly common in America's Irish bars).

Really it's all about the Pretzel Flips though, those chocolate (and salt!) covered pretzels that were cancelled a few years ago. Authentic German pretzels are brilliant too, one of the big chains like Tesco needs to start baking these for the masses. Swears is right about the super noodles, the chicken flavour is addictive, even to a healthy eater like me. I'm concerned about the content as I'm sure they have ingredients like aluminium, arsenic, etc


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It's sad to think there have probably been more innovations in Crisps over the last five years than in music. I mean how can even the most cutting edge musician compete with 3D paprika doritos? That's like the Windowlicker of crisps.

swears says some funny things sometimes.