questions you are dying to ask but are too scared to b/c of music nerd cred?


is not like other people
maybe i'm old. that's the first thing that crops up in my mind when i think about what's hot. happens to all of us

but there's a notion of 'cred' (after reading too many pages of the post-intellistep thread) that doesn't sit quite right with excessive knowledge of everything - the idea that you should forget your "nerd" overview and just be "rude"/"street"


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good scottish bands continued: boards of canada, altho i was never passionately into them, i liked the odd tune. this tapes good

brothers like JAMC as well.


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That’s the best tune ever made luka!
Incredibly, that is now the actual national anthem in Papua New Guinea
sounds a bit like moby doesn't it :unsure:

Mixmaster Morris’ hour-long mix of FSOL’s ‘Papua New Guinea’​



Is there any DJ who neither dresses like a slob nor in garish cast-offs from TK Maxx's 'Mod Box' section? ie. someone who treats their calling and acolytes with due respect?


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What's the best way to learn the instruments? Am anticipating some free time over summer.

There's no secret. You just have to keep doing it. The more you do the quicker you progress. It sucks at first because you will probably be terrible. But withing a few months you'll get a groove going. The most important thing is not to give up.


I can play the piano already but would like to learn the others too.

Perhaps an hour/day of each of:

- classical guitar
- drums
- violin
- bass guitar
- sax
- flute
- don't know any others


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give them all a shot before you commit. I got to a fairly good standard with flute and I can play some basic drums but I don't have the hands for guitar and I hate the texture of a wood reed in a saxaphone/clarinet. And don't even start me on the spit valve in brass instruments.


I'm lucky in that we have a load of instruments at work so I'll give them a trial.

Past two days I've stayed behind to do 1 hr guitar. Hoping that my wrists won't play up; maybe the drums will mitigate this.