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is not like other people

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
I think you can edit but only soon after... seems fair to me. You shouldn't be able to go and edit something old which has loads of replies... though I can well imagine that you have a lot of old embarrassing posts you want to discreetly remove @mixed_biscuits...
Such as, let's say, posts openly advocating eugenics? I mean that's just a random example, I'm not saying anyone here would be enough of a psycho arsehole to actually suggest sucha thing.


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Once upon a fine time ...that blog crew made Dissensus.
And it was ...good.
Respect !

For a foreigner ,
it seemed a cool place.
And so it was... right up until it wasn't

Arguments, sure.
But one could just check out anytime you liked, click over onto something you might like and would not push your buttons.
Like most anywhere ...

Aaah, things could get heated, yep.
But not particularly ugly - well ,some ugly !
Same time, after meeting so many good, talented people here,
I opted out by 2010 or so.

Coming back was a fun thing too, for a spell.
As the more I read back threads, the more ' Lukas ' there was.
Directly snubbing posters own valid opinions or any tiny thought,
Barging in on any ,er, all topics and deriding the posters themselves.
Someone may just say ' Oh, that's just British humor, c'mon he's just 'winding you up..."
What happens after the wind up ?

My question today is " Who made him a mod ?"
And what might yer thoughts be now on that decision ?
I mean hey, 2010 to 2021 is a good length of time for the guy to run pretty much rampant.
Some of it was plainly abuse.

When someone brings in their own toxic feelings to a thread - shows contempt or disgust - they activate in us circuitry for those very same emotions.
Their act has potential consequences, emotions are contagious.
We catch strong emotions much as we catch colds.
So count me a bit shocked how much the one guy did this.
I don't go to forums to read someone's daily abuse, but there it is / was, and oh btw don't we all know who was the biggest poster for all that time ...
And he was a mod ?

Maybe it was 4 years 'under Trump', but the time for such abuse, seemingly on whims and saying things no one ( But his er, 'poet's' self ) would venture saying to one's face was over.
( Thinks of one instance, a micro aggression perhaps, where someone posted about a musician he was into.
Now Mr.Big L didn't have to say anything ( remember yer Mom's advice ) , but not this guy.
He posted " no ".
So profound ... I felt compelled to use same trick on a versus' O Point Never' thread.
That's how it went - one was either in on the little joke or you were ... not.
Was that a mods job ?


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valid points. poly. my perspective, perhaps shared by others here, is it was "luka being luka, whatever" for most of those shows of contempt or aggression. he meant some of it, but lots of it was him playing to character, which is fine once you realized and accept it. some people choose not to accept it from time to time, hence the occasional blowups and departures.

he brought some great insights, started and/or propelled many great threads, inspired me and others to think about things and form their own opinions on topics they might not have otherwise, so we took the good with the bad, and overlooked the silly behavior.

and to get back to your question: I don't think the mods do much here, except for the rare times when heated discussion escalates to the point of a thread getting locked.

Benny B

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Luka kept this forum going for years and he's not around now to defend himself so maybe you should just shut the fuck up


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I thought my comment was pretty pro-luka, mostly praising the positive things he brought to the forum. and not sure there's any denying there were two sides to the coin.