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If only Hazlitt had lived to write an essay on Todd Edwards

If he'd been anti Edwards I'd have forced a pill down his throat and told him leave off the books, Einstein


call me big papa
I envy not in any moods
The captive void of noble rage,
The linnet born within the cage,
That never knew the summer woods:

I envy not the beast that takes
His license in the field of time,
Unfetter'd by the sense of crime,
To whom a conscience never wakes;

Nor, what may count itself as blest,
The heart that never plighted troth
But stagnates in the weeds of sloth;
Nor any want-begotten rest.

I hold it true, whate'er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.


call me big papa
Was (and is) Todd a big name outside of the cult of Todd in the UK? I know Daft Punk collaborated with him so I presume he's pretty well known generally but I'm wondering if the classic tunes he was doing around 1998 were actually BIG tunes. Was he registering on a mainstream level?


call me big papa
The intro to Save My Life is sort of dark and tense for Todd. Then the main riff crashes in like a wave of bliss over your head and it's like you're suddenly immersed and warm in a sort of blissful mer-world.


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i! Records deserves a shout, they brought tons of exposure to TE and many others. NJ hammering out gems

i! bridged garagistas and house, but their mid-90’s output was key. There’s a definite arc into Jazz-n-Groove et al

New Trends/IR105 was one of the first records that hit home the splashier swing the man had going. It’s slower and doubt that aspect will appeal to all, yet it bounces along with gusto imho (sleeve is swish too). Perfect marriage of groove and sample craft