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Saw Todd DJing in Bristol earlier this year, was bloody great. As someone said above, such a happy guy and such happy tunes.

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You know what? I was a little disappointed by the gig I went to, though I suspect this is because of the trend in British DJ's to "tailor" their sets to North American audiences. All the tunes of his own that he played were great, and I was thankful to hear them over a nice system delivered by the man himself, but anything else he drew for was paint-by-numbers electro house. Between the audience's unfamiliarity with his work and their total lack of enthusiasm for his electro selections (as well as his desperate shifting of gears between the two as he apparently tried to gauge the lesser evil), he cleared the floor out pretty quickly. I stayed for the whole thing, mind you.

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but he's not british

Oh yeah, duh. :rolleyes: Slipped my mind for a second there as I tried to conflate him with a lot of similar sets I've seen from British DJ's this year. What could be the cause of this then? Perhaps he is just out of touch.


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Didn't cop the US date when I saw this. Thought it was an old one. :slanted:

01 Todd Edwards "Fabric" (NU Trend)
02 Illusive "Make It Up 2 U (GM Remix)" (2tuf4u)
03 Todd Edwards "The Praise" (Nervous)
04 Uffie/Pharrell Williams/Armand Van Helden "Add SUV" (Ed Banger)
05 DJ Dan "Chop Shop (Hot Mouth's Rubber Remix)" (Nettwerk)
06 Phoenix "If I Ever Feel Better (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)" (Virgin)
07 Utah Saints "Power to the Beats (Todd Edwards Power Chord Mix)" (Echo)
08 Bjork "Desired Constellation (Todd Edwards Remix)"
09 James 'Eighth Note' May "Just Bump"
10 Ellie Goulding "Starry Eyed (Darren Campbell's Vocal Mix)"
11 Alex Zelenka "Specials (Clique Talk Remix)"
12 Sentinels "Love Rhythm"
13 Aaren San "Apes From Space (Dirtyloud Remix)" (Aelaektropopp)
14 Dmitriy Bamboviy "Sweet Jack Out" (Starblocks)
15 Lizzie Curious/Lazy Rich/Hirshee "Blast Off" (BugEyed)
16 That1Guy "Mustashes (My Dear Disco Remix)"
17 Todd Edwards "I Might Be (My Dear Disco Remix)" (Scion A/V)

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Also, I picked up that new 'Old Skool must haves' bootleg 12" while I was in London and there's a Todd track on there. Anyone know what it is? (Or indeed the names of the other tracks on there. I think one's an Anthill Mob track)

It might be one of Todd's remixes of Anthill Mob's 'You Should Have Known':

Definitely one of my favourite Todd tracks.

I posted on this thread a few years ago when I was doing a bit of writing about Todd's microsampling techniques. An article has ended up in a book and there's a shorter version online:

He was supposed to be playing in Glasgow on Easter Sunday but according to his Twitter page it looks like he was recovering from a neck injury and might not have made it over to the UK.

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Nah, that tune on the 'must haves' 12 turned out to be the Todd mix of Bonny Pink's 'Sweet' in the end. I'll check out that link you posted though.


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First post since 2011 in here!

I think he's one of the true geniuses in electronic music, like one of those geniuses who they'd make a heart warming tragic Oscar winning drama about if he wasn't so incredibly happy - listening to his tunes and Beach Boys tunes side by side lately I find affinities with Brian Wilson. The layering of harmonies, the spectral, joyful voices. Possibly even the religious feeling of joy?

Interesting reading back through this thread to see that he's apparently not respected or even much liked in America. Who knew?


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A technical virtuoso but entirely geared towards creating an uplifting emotional effect

House music's own Bach, a Baroque one off who could make the stoniest hearted atheist get down on their knees to worship

Mind you, like Bach, not for everybody - I've got a friend who hates Todd Edwards. I pity him as I pity the colour blind, and the people who are allergic to ice cream. Poor sod. One chance at life and you can't enjoy Todd Edwards.


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I'd like to know what Luka thinks of Todd the Gods

I can imagine him shitting on my dreams by saying Todd is chirpy twee hoe-down music for plebs or something

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I get impression some people here kinda saw him as U.S. equivalent of handbag house? tho not my area of expertise.

I'm definitely a fan tho, backtracked thru UKG like a lotta people I bet. big fan of gospel disco + house in general in all forms.

mostly unfamiliar w/his later discography but this is a fucking jam I remember loving a few years back. v 2010 kinda garage revival.

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a monkey that will go ape
saying Todd is chirpy twee hoe-down music for plebs or something
na man luka is a champion of music 4 plebs. in ancient Rome he would have been a Tribune of Plebs (+ also a priest of some weird mystery cult snake religion)

I like u throwing down the gauntlet tho corpse