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They're all the same he just repeats the same four or five jokes so just pick any title at random

constant escape

winter withered, warm
I've been meaning to see those - you remember where you saw them?

I just watched the documentary Zizek! by Astra Taylor, which I loved.


call me big papa
I hardly read now. My natural reading time used to be when I was commuting. Now whenever I have time to read it's instantly competing with my PS4.


Beast of Burden
- started this the other day. It's a bit dull thus far.

That's because surfers are the biggest dullards in the world. I really related to Tarantino when he was talking about Big Wednesday and said, "I grew up around surfers. Surfers are jerks. Surfers don't deserve this movie."


I get the impression the general dislike of her due to her comments on the trans community have prompted a bunch of people to read everything that seems a little off in her work as malicious.
She’s doubling down, tho. Respect. Women fought for a century to ensure the rights they hold now. And these “ once were men” trans are reducing her to “ people who menstruate”. And if you disagree? You’re career, reputation is gone in seconds This is about much more than trans rights. This is important !!