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Music is a big part of the melancholy of resistance too. The main portion of the novel is subtitled the werkmeister harmonies after the guy who developed equal temperament tuning. A primary character has a crisis when he learns what he thought was the transcendent beauty of music derives from just another human compromise and calculation.


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I started reading "Under western eyes" yesterday just to see what it was like and i thought it seemed very good actually if you're asking


Postie brought this one to us from Morbid Books this morning, gf gonna read it first so might be a while before I get to check out "Ivan Boris".



A surreal, slapstick nightmare set in the end-times of countercultural journalism.

In search of France’s superstar philosopher who has mysteriously vanished, Lester Langway, a young, bedraggled freelance reporter for the failing London style bible Down N Out! magazine, is sent to Paris to solve a hallucinogenic detective mystery involving demonic Kantian philosophy, identity politics, the history of Surrealism, secret societies and mind control. Both a scathing satire and a sincere romance, My Week Without Gérard is so squarely at odds with the culture it mercilessly lampoons, it’s little surprise the author writes under a pseudonym.

“Any book with bathroom drugs, coffin sex, awkward romance, conspiracy theories, thinly veiled characters based on people I know in contemporary euro society, and my bloody death scene, has a spot on my bookshelf.”
– Rick Owens

“Essential reading for any of the disposable maggots who ever worked in fashion or new media.”
– Tim Sizebank, Down N Out! magazine


Ivan Boris is the pen name of an author, journalist and poet. This is his first novel published in the English language.


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Young skins by Colin Barrett. Short stories about repressed young men acting hard in west Ireland. Very good. Put onto it after watching Calm with horses on Netflix
Just re-reading this. Read Calm with Horses last night - a tour de force of story telling and characterisation. The way the story moves and shifts a reader’s expectations. Is the film any good?
Yes. Both arm and dympna are played really well. Dympna by that young irish actor with the comically irish face that’s great to look at. A tasteful amount of violence, but still quite a lot. Beautiful scenery and the blanck mass soundtrack brings it all to life. The alter something quite fundamental too but Ill let you find that out. I’ve recommended it to a few people who also like it but not as much as me, sometimes a film just gets you at the right time though. Let me know what you think if you do watch.


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French stuff -

Life a Users Manual - Perec
Project for a Revolution in New York and Jelousy - Robbe-Grillet

I don't rate them. In the Perec nothing much happens other than descriptions of rooms and it's much the same in the Robbe-Grillet with added sadism. I feel they sound cool books but must be missing something from reading them. I kind of like the films related to both authors though.


I like ARG's films a lot, more than his books for sure, but I do like the books. As for Perec... I've read the one with no E in it but I don't know of any films based on his books...?


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Perec wrote Un Homme Qui Dort which I remember used to be a favourite of mine. About an existential loner in his garret.

I loved the Bauhaus sets in ARG Eden and After.