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i'm reading pale fire. it's alright. i really liked lolita but this one feels too much like it's trying to impress me. it's like being forced to eat a whole birthday cake. before it i read the fifth head of cerberus which did the same unreliable narrator thing in a much less ostentatious way, despite being the one that involved clones and robots.

i'm going to read tolstoy or something next, just a good honest look into the human condition that isn't trying to throw up all sorts of bells and whistles and clever misdirections.
I’m reading the new George Saunders which looks at a bunch of Russian short stories to discuss the writers and their art/craft but also the habits of reading. It won’t appeal to everyone here but I think it’s very well done, sensitive close reading.


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i've got that one on hold at the library despite not enjoying the short story collection or essay collection of his that i tried to read. idk what keeps me coming back to him. but i assume the russian stories will be good at any rate.


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Lets call it the first 20 pages. Up to the seal and the word 'usurper'
A voice, sweettoned and sustained, called to him from the sea. Turning the curve he waved his hand. It called again. A sleek brown head, a seal’s, far out on the water, round.