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Have you listened to everlovin?
Yes, one of my favourite bits of music ever probably, that contact mic on violin really does something to the ear.
Same with Kosugi's Mano Dharma '74, there's something about that overdrive that just makes me shiver.


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I'm still reading 'Moby-Dick' and 'Fanged Noumena', but I've also started John Hemming's 'The Conquest of the Incas'.

I've only read the first chapter and it's already covered some horrendous stuff. The Spanish were absolutely brutal. He describes a plan to capture the Inca ruler in an ambush where they end up butchering something like seven thousand people in the space of about two hours. The captured Inca does admit that he intended to kill all of them too, except some he'd keep alive to be castrated and guard his concubines, but still...



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But haven't they been quite good with the vaccine rollout or does it not cover that?

It ends with the UK about to enter the third lockdown in January 2021.

As for "they" – we got lucky with the vaccine and the NHS have done an amazing job in getting it out. This in no way excuses the government's many failures up to that point.


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Judging by the Guardian review, the authors haven't even read SAGE's minutes

There's a lot of SAGE material in the book. Whether they read all the minutes I couldn't say.

Yes, I noticed there was a review in the Guardian/Observer. I didn't read it because it was by Alan Johnson and I really couldn't give a shit what Alan Johnson thinks about anything.

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I picked up Gravity's Rainbow again the other day with the intention of finishing it, and immediately realised I couldn't be arsed. So instead I dug out a copy of The Satanic Verses I borrowed from my aunt a couple of years ago, and the opening chapter is one of the most annoying things I've read in a very long time. I'll persevere for a bit at least and see if it gets any better.

Just not sure I've got the patience these days for flashy po-mo literary gymnastics that's in love with it's own dazzling cleverness. Stop showing off and tell me a fucking story, you cunt!


Wild Horses
How Music Got Free
by Stephen Witt

Who did create the mp3 ?
And how do you get that new Dr. Dre out of the plant for some quick duping ?

This one goes well w the Ticketmaster book
I enjoyed that book a lot. Wrote a unit on the music industry for A level teaching a few years ago and that was one of the books I drew on.

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Peter Oborne - The Assault on Truth

"A clinical and merciless account of Boris Johnson’s mendacity, written by a former colleague"


All the Devils are Here by David Seabrook. He wanders round Kent moaning about how shit it is and how it costs three pound eighty to go in the Dickens museum. The author's bitterness shines through but so does his fascination with Dickens, Elliot and the grisly happenings such as Dadd's murder of his, er, dad. At times the phrasing is not quite spot on and you can see why he was never quite so successful as Sinclair or whoever (his untimely death might have also been a factor). Anyway, it's the book I've enjoyed most for a long time, which isn't saying that much admittedly but I think you would like it.

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i loved that book when i read it a couple years ago. low rent / sleazy sinclair totally. and then i found out about this suspicious death...
made me wanna visit all the areas. that story about the Nazi girls school is it - mad.

if you like that, you might enjoy fred vermorel's new one that we were on about a bit a few months back, "dead fashion girl" https://dissensus.com/index.php?threads/14086/

he mentions seabrook as well in that, don't wanna spoil it tho