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I started reading the Prose Edda (norse foundational Myth, but written hundreds of years after vikings in Iceland) a few days ago and it's pretty good. Not quite what I was expecting. I thought it would be Greek or Biblical in tone, but it's more Hindu. Wacky and out there.

Couple of bits I've copied and sent people

He was silent when he returned home. He neither slept nor drank, and no one dared to speak to him.
You are raving, Loki,
and out of your mind,
why, Loki, do you not stop?

Also contained a detail about Troy being modern day Turkey which I never knew (there's a sort of grafted on bit where they are talking about how Hector maps to Odin or Thor, and Loki maps to Ulysses.

But I've put that down now cos Claudius the God has arrived, which I'm fully committed to, it's a good un. Just the level of intrigue and high stakes, plus now with all the stuff about Herod, who comes off as someone you could do a whole telly series on.

Interested to hear that scar city didn't do a lot for you Rich. I'm gonna get it soon and see what I think. As I said in the other thread, Robert aickman is sort of more my style (read another of his short stories and it was good) but I did also really enjoy 'From blue to black' in the end.


I wouldn't necessarily take that as a criticism. I'm just saying that it depressed me in that moment... partly cos of its power to take me into another world, a dark and cold and dirty one, and partly cos I was in a shitty situation. I actually found the book pretty intriguing and I was interested to read more about Joel Lane and I will probably read more of his stuff. I do in fact have criticisms, but they are quite distinct from what I said yesterday which were more related to the context and how my situation interacted with the book, than the book itself.

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Ooh, nice find, thanks. I've got the collected Calligraphy Typewriters but looks like there's a fair bit of stuff I haven't seen in there, plus an introduction by Denise Levertov who I like as well.
There's no-one quite like him, but I have to be in a certain mood to really enjoy it.