The Big Hello Thread


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Easy all, checked this forum out after a mate recommended it and after lurking a bit it seems like I'd fit right in. Looking forward to hanging out here. :)


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Hello hello. This forum is good stuff, seriously guys. I just starting going on here upon discovering the writings of K-punk in the aftermath of his passing, but I'm sensing that the level of enthusiasm on here has seen greater heights. That's kinda sad seeing as the about only interesting discussions I've read on any online forums lately have come from here.

Anyways, English is not my first language so fuck off with pointing out mistakes or anything.
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Thanks! Wauw 12 years, mate, that's a good bit you've done there. I'm probably much younger and certainly much less educated on both music, thought and life in general, so mostly I think I'll just try and soak up what I can and participate whenever I don't feel completely out of my depth.


Hi, I'd heard of this forum before but had no idea it still existed. Glad it does, it seems to house a very entertaining and erudite level of debate.


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ey oop!

high hopes for the board,
(ignoring slight uneasy deja vu - is dead long live

may she and all who sail in her................................................
how well has the forum met your expectations?