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I wish would Prynne hurry up and put out that collection of his late stuff, if he doesn't get a move on it's gonna end up being posthumous.

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At least given up for, cause loose in choke
let and leave both in the way marine inside
cash and crash, fast torment. Let for this
so casual flourish for spray passage sloop
younger by far all of say to know, going like
this granted no favour, affective turn a clip
in such want. Relic custodian leaving over
too ardent, too much as just so. Fluent ask
in grasp for air light wiling, hold the child
out first, our ransom list and lost bear this
plain enough. Not for frantic little from that
know this at brim cracked up in daylight pro-
file visible the cries distant lurk to chill
bet to know past hearing, amplitude wave narrow
crested at this driven. Below trace steerage
run out of doubt go down to it, to make sink or
swallow, past bearing out now, our guest limit
afforded to break, knowing so. In vital offer
detachment separable inexpensive all wasteful
across this shiny-bright horizon laid out.

JH Prynne.

Looks good that book. I saw this on twitter from the same one


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Just read it again, so good.

Prynne's political/topical stuff is terrifying, I was reading Refuse Collection again the other day and listened to that recording of him reading it, so fierce. Still can't face reading To Pollen.

These abyss ones seem a lot more lyrical than that, maybe less angry, but you get such a vivid sense of the desperation and terror of the refugees from it.

"Fluent ask/ in grasp for air light wiling, hold the child/ out first, our ransom list and lost bear this/ plain enough"

"to make sink or swallow"