what ails you?


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I'm getting them syringed on Monday, so just have to put up with it for another day or so. I tried exercising yesterday and was worried I was going to burst an eardrum or something so decided to pack it in.


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My right ear's been blocked for about four days now and my left's not so good either. It's amazing how odd anything to do with your ears can make you feel. I can still hear, but the right's really muffled, the left's a bit off and I feel a bit spaced out and underwater-y.
with wax? I get that aswell. first time it happened I guess I was so visibly disturbed that someone came up to me and asked if I was ok. You can treat it yourself with a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water inside one of these things


thats pretty much all the doctors do, just with these but theyre harder to find at the pharmacy