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I think all the menstrual cycle stuff has pretty much been put down to pheremones (synching with other women) and natural light (phases of the moon), but happy to be shown otherwise.

Yeah, it must be pheremones when you have women living together - I guess the moonlight thing is only ever found in societies where people still spend a lot of time outside at night without bright (i.e. electric) artificial lighting all over the place.

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I suppose entrainment doesn't have much to do with this thread. I was just thinking about weird science generally. More specifically I was wondering about the thing that happens when clock pendulums start syncing up. I think that was one of the first ways the phenomenon was observed and it still doesn't seem very well understood.

As for menstrual cycles and the moon Lyall Watson for one makes a big deal of the fact that the moon's gravitational pull obviously affects things on the Earth (like the oceans) so why shouldn't it affect us. Many police forces put on double the numbers of officers on full moons because people tend to go a bit spaz. Loads of biological processes seem to follow lunar cycles directly, i.e. they follow the moon's gravity rather than just having some distant relationship to moonlight. It's quite possible we respond to these cosmic processes without being consciously aware of them.


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Listen to the eerie sounds of "The Wandering Soul" - also known as "Ghost Tape Number 10" - that was broadcast by loudspeakers installed on Swifts and other units during "Chieu Hoi" and Psychological Warfare missions to "taunt" the enemy. { "So Moui" or "Numbah Ten" was a common slang term used by both Vietnamese and Americans, meaning it was "Really Bad" }


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as far as I can tell brain entrainment is nonsense. I havn't been able to find any reliable scientific information on it anyway.


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I went through a phase of being obsessed with this type of stuff, the 'nam tapes, the rumbler, decoder, the mosquito, biaural 'frequencies', infrasound....sub-bass wob wob etc etc etc.... one of my course blogs is utterly cluttered up with my random musings on the militarization of sonic ecologies, Goodmans book was my bible for a period.... I bet he's loving this deployment on the thames....


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ACT Police have confirmed the use of Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) during Saturday's protest after a senate request from Senator Malcolm Roberts (the one asking questions in the video)

The ACT Police allege that whilst the device was used it was only used to convey spoken-word messages, and not used in the alert function mode.

However a large number of protestors are reporting back the worst sunburn they have ever experienced including severe burns on the lips as well as other physical and mental health symptoms.

Senator Roberts is still awaiting the full report.