Dave Godins RIP

Diggedy Derek

Stray Dog
Dave Godins, compiler of loads of the Deep Soul Treasures compilations, massively bigged up by Swamp Dogg, has died . Only a few weeks after Deep Soul Volume 4 was released.

The Deep Soul Treasures CDs are quite amazing compilations- in the CDs, you'll find numerous hyperbolic quotes from music types saying things like "this music counts as a pinnacle of Western Civilisation" and my favorite "had the revolution been televised, these CDs would have been prescribed on the NHS to every household in the country". They're not too far off, either- these love-lorn pop songs have slow burning, soul seaching vocals that are as intense as a movie actor's finest moment. These mini epics of soul music have some stunning sweeping strings, too.

The fourth volume wasn't quite up to the standard of the previous three, indicating that the "treasures" really were rarities, the exceptions to the rule. Nonetheless, it's sad that Dave Godins has done his last round up of soul "from the vaults".