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This is solid gold:

It's not the first time @momllennial_ has made provocative history-themed videos. In one video posted in late October, she appeared to suggest that the name "Jesus Christ" could be translated to "clitoris healer." In June, she posted a TikTok where she appeared to speculate that Alexander the Great was actually a woman.


bandz ahoy
The rich/powerful getting away with noncing = merely the most route one outrageous crime they get away with on a daily basis.

One of the powerful aspects of Dante's inferno is the idea that if you could *see* in visceral form what sin looks like, you'd be properly repulsed by it.

In other words if corporate tax evasion and fraud looked like noncing, there'd be a mass uprising. But it looks like something boring and complicated and *possibly* excusable, even necessary, even virtuous.


bandz ahoy
Conspiracy theory -- the rich/powerful deliberately cultivate noncery and the covering up of it as a demoralising signal to the masses that they can't do anything about ANYTHING the lizard people do.


This is tomorrow I guess? I have to say, I hadn't realised that they were able to nail the exact date the disease started with such accuracy, but tunrs out there is a lot of stuff I didn't know so I'll just throw it on the pile.