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One interesting potential of blockchain is secure voting systems. To lie on a blockchain requires control of 51% of the network, minimum. So the larger and more spread out the network the better. If they can crack the power consumption issue (which I think is already well on it's way to fruition) then the possibilities are huge. Transparency in the financial sector is another. Blockchains are publically viewable.


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my guess is GOP would fight against it, since it would both increase voter participation by enabling widespread online voting, and eliminate their largely fictitious "voter fraud" allegations.
Some Repuglicans are just ' born against '
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Variants present and future

" B.1.1.7, the first variant to come to widespread attention, is about 60 percent more contagious and 67 percent more deadly than the original form of the coronavirus, according to the most recent estimates.
The C.D.C. has also been tracking the spread of other variants, such as B.1.351, first found in South Africa, and P.1, which was first identified in Brazil. "

It was striking to see the virus change, from the beginning to now.
This shit is no joke.
It is also jumping from humans to other animals as well.

Had a good conversation w a friend who is a medical worker the other evening and he mentioned about preparations underway for any number of next SARS related virus'.
Next vaccines for ' next times '


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As touched on , expanded a bit on in the new Coinbase thread ,
all one has to do is take a good look around, sniff the breezes and it is clear
we are in for a time we simply cannot see , barely imagine from this vantage point.
Below the horizon that is.

A simple thing like getting beyond the old binaries of right / wrong , black / white,
on / off opens to a place where those who claim one or the other are bumped to the side yard by another generation that didn't have the same baggage.
As in the Goldie quote i just saw on here about "Do you remember the past ?"
, many can remember when the Cold War was a fact of life and 'how could it ever end ?'

Already well in place ' Biology over mechanical '

Humans are never seem to get too good at 'future', even when wallowing in it.
Cue Robinson's Ministry Of the Future


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Re : AI > Artificial Intelligence

We will have to be building something w the brain - behavior modes of an ant before we have the AI that can be called anything like a threat to mankind.
Man is the treat to mankind.
We do that all by our 'smart' selves.
Then we can build up to say a dog or cat 'brain'- lots of hype about AI but a looooong way to go there.
Smart as an octopus ? yeah, when ...

And in the end it my just be one of those idea / thought / memes we used to hold about the Moon being made .. of cheese, religion, warfare, welfare, Daylight savings time, 'going to work', working in a squared space.

Robots in general being another thing.
Japan needs someone, something perhaps to help w the elder and sick, bed bound.
Give them a squeeze -y , comfy plush doll / pet companion and leave the monitoring to the pet ?
Worse things have happened.


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One door opens, another closes ?

Large concern and some fear here ,
while all the $ thrown into the country did have multiple effects -
good, bad and unanticipated -
Women and girls had a ghost of a chance.



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Xenomorphs, "Alien", Ridley Scott, Prometheus, David 8, David B & Walter

Ridley caught onto a future where humans live alongside androids, Replicants, constructs.

Paolo Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl took it a step or more further, you are sharing thoughts of an android and seeing the humans through Emiko's eyes as they abuse her.

Bruce Sterlings Shaper / Mechanist stories laid out the human's choice -
go with replacement mechanical parts and pieces and be that cyborg type.
Or go higher tech, biological shaping / shapeshifting.
Of course, many shades , hues variants in between those are on already.
The two Ishiguro's have seen to that.

These ideas, movies, books, futures, templates, myths and Hollywood huge budget redo's all figure in everyday life, in ways small or some , large.
We need to keep exploring the ideas presented - robotics, android people, how we treat our animals - clue to how those much mooted future Skynet -ish AI's will treat us ?

Then, Ridley tries to use the prequels to say that the Android David aka David 8 created the Xenomorphs.
That seems to pee all over the mystery of the Xenomorphs, turns them into
simply one android's 'revenge' on stupid humans.

And while liking the idea of say, visiting the Xenomorph's planet and having enjoyed "Aliens" many times over - i do find something too in as Marc Caro says ,
' the Xenomorph is great when presented as one creature only ', not so many.

Whether one 'liked' their Alien movie or not is another matter.

Currently reading Alien Sea of Sorrows, as found in the local book box : )
Human empath and relative of Ripley's has Xeno's in his dreams and so ...
Enter Weyland - Yutani !

Peter @ TED

David speaks for himself

Kurzweil's page



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Haven't we seen peak FaceBook - Insta ( Zuck , do you really want to go all in against Apple ? ) ,
Twitter ( bought the bruised media goods from Verizon yesterday ),
Google ( more execs left yesterday ) ?