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Another case of ransomware attack, this time in DC
Babuk wasn't happy

" In a separate ransomware attack on the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department, hackers said the price the police offered to pay was “too small” and dumped 250 gigabytes of the department’s data online this week, including databases that track gang members and social media preservation requests.

“This is an indicator of why we should pay,” the cybercriminals, called Babuk, said in a post online. “The police also wanted to pay us, but the amount turned out to be too small. Look at this wall of shame,” they wrote, “you have every chance of not getting there. Just pay us!”


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There would seem to be no reason why there is not going to be a back and forth,
changes and adjustments a fight and extended battle per see around ...
remote working

Then there was the near collapse of WeWork last year ( or the year before now )
in some ways COVID times and post COVID etched the choice very clearly for alot of people who may not have really thought about it and possibly came to depend on doing it.
The potential changes for cities - a larger then usual number of people left NYC during COVID for example, some though will return.
People returning to go to work in offices ?

Some amount of that whole 'class' as we may call it can well have been wiped