I love the way polystyle's posts make the world sound like one big William Gibson novel. (I guess it's going that way.)


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Awww , yea - hmm
From working with Gibsy bk in those '80's -mid '90's days i see your point , thanks
Just calling it as percieved really
It is a flow of (John) Brunner-isms
meta , at times mega multilevels of overlapping events , causes , effects , gods , tropes , memes , genes
detailed to pan out zooms on tomorrows stories today now the happening world
Some pictures , posts, lyrics & song titles do pan out by sifting the days ...

The continung back story of this string of Asian quakes and
the looming , coming Tokyo earthquake gathers a sense of dred doubly as my lady and i try to plan spending more time there , partially moving there possibly transitioning to totally living there .
So fingers crossed when we get up in the air next Friday
Crazy to be thinking about what it will be like to go back -
and try to live AFTER the Tokyo quake

No walk in the park that ...
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For as the world heats up, the Inuit are scrambling to install air-conditioning and electricity prices north of Quebec have been slashed to enable them to do so.

Their snowmobiles have been falling through the melting ice, and the Inuit are lost for words as new species appear for which they have no names in their language.

And they have had to dig wells in some places as they can no longer rely on snow for water.

Temperatures in the Arctic have been rising twice as fast as in the world as a whole. Sea ice has shrunk by a quarter in area and a half in thickness since 1978, and its decline is now accelerating.

Metuq, a hunter and fisherman from Baffin Island, whose fishing shack fell through unexpectedly melting ice last February, said: "The world is slowly disintegrating."

Simon Kohlmeister, a hunter from Labrador who lost his snowmobile in the same way, said: "Some day we won't have any snow. We'll no longer be Eskimos."



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Notes still to process & jot from Japan in depth ,
but in gen Tokyo was looking very good these past 27 days .
Next place of residence barring that upcoming techtonic shift .
Forgot about America - which was a wonderful headcleaner indeed.
Right now our bed is feeling really good tho !
Cheers all


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Saw a documentary on Sunday about Volcanoes, and one particular one Lake Toba... see http://volcano.und.edu/vwdocs/volc_images/southeast_asia/indonesia/toba.html which produced the largest eruption of the last 2 million years, and has the potential to annihilate humanity, allegedly...

i think i saw a similar documentary, well part of it.

'Super Volcanoes'

Apparently, all of Yellowstone park is one big volcano.

And the one in particular they were discussing (dont remember where...) was said to hold "20 Grand Canyons worth of magma".



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Star Wars Goes Online ... Crashes


On a chilly July morning on the Alaskan tundra, the first Interceptor missile was lowered into a silo at Fort Greeley. Over the following weeks, five more missiles were planted into their silos, as the Ballistic Missile Defense System, once known as Star Wars, went on line. As part of Bush's accelerated deployment scheme, the Pentagon is set to install a total of 10 missiles in Alaska and 10 more at Ft. Vandenburg Air Base in California in 2004, with dozens more to follow over the next two years. The scheme is so accelerated that the Pentagon admits that they have no idea how the missiles would be launched, who would give the order to launch them and whether they will have the even the remotest chance of hitting their target.

"Opponents of missile defense are living in the past," Bush told the Boeing workers and executives. "We're living in the future."

more: http://counterpunch.org/stclair09232006.html


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Cheers Freak

And what a fewture the Bush pusher and burnt Rice have on offer ,
some Doublespeak innit ?

'Don't take away our right to um, torture' !
Shrill and shiller
Kissinger bk there advising Bush 'not to give in' at any cost- 'because that's where Nixon failed' ...
Aaawww, my ol' country this of thee
Absolutely gutted rep by the likes of these


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Major software project soon underway to enable the US Gov. 'to monitor negative opinions of the US or it's leaders' under a process they have called 'Sentiment Analysis'.
Cornell U , U of Pittsburgh , U of Utah have work underway on the 3 year proj to test the system on hundreds of articles from 2002 -2003 that have ref. to the
the President's 'Axis Of Evil' , detainees , global warming and Hugo Chavez.
The new tech is 'intended to Identify potential threats to the nation'

'Creepy and Orwellian' says Lucy Dalglish from the Reporters Comm. Freedom Of Press


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All across Africa, India and parts of Southeast Asia, from within and around whatever patches and corridors of their natural habitat remain, elephants have been striking out, destroying villages and crops, attacking and killing human beings.


All across Africa, India and parts of Southeast Asia, from within and around whatever patches and corridors of their natural habitat remain, elephants have been striking out, destroying villages and crops, attacking and killing human beings.



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'Are We Driving Elephants Crazy?'
the cover photo of the elephant with red eye is staring from on top of the pile..
still gotta get to it


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Oh well ,
One can Google 'Teleportation news' and find the ABC news bit , BBC, Reuters items.
In the recent experiment Information was teleported a short distance ,
far as I can tell from the quick rd I gave it thus far ...


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Der humans mess

Thanks for that Bleep
Yet another heads up on where the human race is going - and what a mess we have made.
I caught perhaps another report from the UK recently that put a number on the huge cost of global warming through 2050.
Immense cost , and possibly futile - $ thrown into a rising ocean