I know there was a thread a few months back here on the subject of this ghostly sound and The Caretaker got a few mentions in that thread along with Ghost Box and a number of other people making darker mostly beatless sounds.

I have posted here to let you know i am pressing up a limited 6CD set of the seventy two track "anterograde amnesia" online release. This release can still be downloaded completely for free as well so be sure to pull it down and burn it up should you wish to.

Dissensus board favourite K-Punk has also contributed his writen musings and thoughts about the release inside a lavish 8 page dvd sized accompanying booklet. The price for the 6cd set is cheap too and includes free postage even if you live in Swaziland.

The Caretaker - 72 track free download

Limited 6cd boxset


I know theres no rules posted up here - but Im sorry to say that this thread will probably get moved to the 'Events/Releases/Mixes' sub forum pretty sharpish. If you want to get more attention for it, find the original Hauntolgy thread and link to your LP in a reply.

Thanks for the heads up btw. Will check it out.
Sorry about the mispost, should have put it in there so it's no problem if it gets moved, hopefully no-one is too offended. Couldn't find that initial thread but i know it was big one, will search some more, cheers droid...


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going mad did you say?

after making 6+ hours of disembodied, dislocated, shadowy, amorphous, non-linear, multi-layered sound collages I'm surprised you haven't ALREADY GONE mad!

after listening to only 2 hours of it I think I'm well on my way! :eek:


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thanks for these caretaker - listened to the first cd this weekend, great tetxures and atmospheres, look forward to the other 60 (!!! :eek: !!!) tracks
No problem, you may also like to download the following release which i also encoded about a month ago for free digital distribution. The late John Peel used to hammer it back on the Peel show a couple of years ago. It's slightly lighter than the 72 track download and tracks can be downloaded individually or as a ZIP file.

The Caretaker - A Stairway To The Stars

It got a lot of press back in the day that release mostly all favourable which is always a suprise. Anyway happy listening, free is good right now.


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Hey Mr Caretaker. I've got that V/VM CD with the Blue Cover in the plastic bag. I bought it thinking it had something to do with THE SHINING soundtrack, which is a 'hauntology classic' albiet seriously unavailable on the digital format!