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Car drivers victimise cyclists who victimise pedestrians. Cars and pedestrians have a friendlier relationship - the benefit of a greater inequality.
I don't see this - cars kill cyclists and pedestrians, both are vulnerable. I don't see this cyclists victimising pedestrian thing.


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victimising is a hysterical way of phrasing it but cyclists are often a menace on the towpaths, when they cycle on the pavements, when they jump red lights and so on.


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i see occasional flare ups between cyllists and pedestrians. canal towpaths big touchpoint, where the cyclist is bezzing their bell and people are like "fuck off"


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friend was telling me the other day, when we were walking on towpath, his dad intentionally pushes cyclists off if/when they sail too close to him on towpath


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cars have got out of control yes. pandemic is making people drive more tho, obvs. 2nd hand cars rocketing in price


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Now I've started considering getting a bike I see bikes everywhere.

It's all mysterious to me. Where you get them. Which one you should get. Etc.

What do you need it for? Commuting in the city? Long country cycles? Trips to the shop?


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My dad cycled semi-pro and worked at a bike shop for a decade when he was younger. Last summer we restored an old frame I had found and turned in into a sexy retro looking thing. It was a nice time, sitting there taking apart all those small parts and cleaning them and seeing it come together.

I fucked up my ancles so I can't run but I like exercise. I borrowed his racing bike the other day and felt really dumb with all that lycra gear. But fuck me they go fast those ones. Weigh nothing at all.