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Even tho I am cheering for Vingegaard I think this Tour is a bit of a let down. Pogacar too dominant and the Cav story does nothing for me. I don't really find any riders that inspiring. Maybe this forum could get behind Guilliaume Martin riding around with a Masters in Philosophy and citing Plato and Nietzsche and whatnot.

Stage design also a bit meh this year and Ineos completely disappointing with a budget 4x the other teams. Best news is that the Gendarmes finally try to nail that very dodgy Bahrain team.


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Danish cycling having a bit of a moment, actually

Vingegaard, Magnus Cort Nielsen, Mads Pederson, Mikkel Bjerg, etc + old guys like Fuglsang
Vingegaard is the real deal. A bunch of even younger ones coming up. Quite intense talent development going on.


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Pog crushing the GC is maybe less exciting but I like the episodes (stages) that plug into the grand narrative - obviously Cav who is taking his unexpected chance with both hands (people forget he lost chances to add to his total by being dq-ed one year and being wiped out on day 1 in Harrogate, so I’m not weeping that others aren’t there) but there’s other great stories - the rise of the CX stars - MvdP and WvA, Alla on the first stage, Kus’ ride the other day. Some great stories. And lovely deserved wins for unsung heroes.
I think Pog will win the TT to rub salt into the wounds but I’d love to see G spring a surprise just because he’s had a rotten race.
Flat stage tomorrow- could he?