Hell_SD self-promtion thread

so i ripped homeless from its myspace burial ground and did this to it...

...the pollywog depth of hell mix :cool:

Download your file:

I'll post the straight version if anybody wants to hear it but I was thinking of crackling it and haunting it out some more... :rolleyes:

you like that don't you ??? c'mon admit it

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HELL_SD said:
so i ripped homeless from its myspace burial ground and did this to it...
I suggest you delete your post and put this announcement in the Events and Announcements forum. This is a promotional post only tangentially related to the thread.
^^^nah she'll be right...

...I reckon it's a hardly worthy of a dedicated thread and would be disrespectful to promote an unauthorised mix so best left buried in here

this thread is after all about more than just his music...

...of which i am still a fan off

RIP... :)


the abyss
HELL_SD said:

one of me best mates...

...if you like polynesian style reggae, check out "move with it"

yet more tedious promotion for you and your mates? does he realise hes got less of a chance of anyone listening because you posted it?

i think a mod needs to move this to the appropriate place.


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this dialogue is getting a little dull ... maybe hellsd could just leave the self&self-linked promo to the links in his signature???

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unlikely I think.

I have started this thread especially for him, so he can post self-promotional material here and we can check it in the unlikely event that we want to know what he is up to.