Indie with a tint of Grime

Sorry for being a spam band, but at the moment this is the only way we can spread our sound out to the interweb masses.

We are a four piece, london based band in our teens and twenties who have just recorded some material and so far have had a pretty encouraging response. This has been from the indie scene in general so I thought it was about time I came to those with open ears on the dark side.

Check us out and do give some feedback, I do promise something a little different. The lyrical content might not be up to par with the best of the grime mcs but I can promise a far better live experience in a gig than a set of decks and a mic.

thanks for your minutes,




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It's amazing the random bits of history you can dig up on 'Events, Releases, Sales and Mixes'. Proper archeology.
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This was around the time Klaxons and people like that appeared. They were all part of that "nu-rave" thing the NME were pushing.


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All the bands looked like this.