Where have the UFOs gone?


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Some great vids there, nochexxx and bruno. Nochexxx's last one is especially cool, though the second one I think could just be a helicopter with very bright searchlights - looks like you can see the trees blowing around as if in a strong downdraft, and the normal chopper noise might not be audible at ground level, depending on atmospheric conditions.
that footage reminds me of a time i was tripping, staring in awe at a railway track repair train that passed me one night.

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Dunno about 'intelligent', it just looks like it's being blown against the fence. Some sort of industrial pollution? It looks pretty cool though, and I did kinda want to see it envelope and digest that guy who goes up and sticks his hand into it, like a colossal amoeba... :D
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may even start a new thread as they are well deserving, but there are some really good guardian science podcast's on UFO's and SETI available through Itunes.

There are some really interesting episodes (it's easily the best podcast i've ever listened to, much better than 90% of Television programming) and the ones on ET's are great. (I know this thread is technically about UFO's but I thought it may be at home here).

I *THINK* this is it http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/blog/audio/2010/mar/15/science-weekly-extra-podcast-paul-davies

not too sure though... there are some others about the space-shuttle, dark matter and the human heart that are also superb


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UFO enthusiasts admit the truth may not be out there after all


For decades, they have been scanning the skies for signs of alien activity.
But having failed to establish any evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial life, Britain’s UFO watchers are reaching the conclusion that the truth might not be out there after all.
Enthusiasts admit that a continued failure to provide proof and a decline in the number of “flying saucer” sightings suggests that aliens do not exist after all and could mean the end of “Ufology” – the study of UFOs – within the next decade.
Dozens of groups interested in the flying saucers and other unidentified craft have already closed because of lack of interest and next week one of the country’s foremost organisations involved in UFO research is holding a conference to discuss whether the subject has any future.


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This conspiracy road trip is good for a giggle. Especially the guy with the tin-foil helmet to protect himself from alien mind rays.



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But this is probably the best thing I've seen in ages, from Adam Curtis's blog. Apologies if it's already been posted, but it really is marvellous.



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‘What is that, man?’ Navy confirms videos of flying objects

In one of the videos, a small object streaks across the sky before the U.S. Navy fighter jet’s tracking system locks on and follows it.

“Whoa. Got it,” the pilot yells, laughing as the dot moves on his screen. “Woohoo!”

Another pilot asks: “Wow. What is that, man?”

The Navy isn’t offering an explanation — at least not publicly — for exactly what that object was. But the service is confirming the authenticity of that video and two others taken from its planes in 2004 and 2015.
“Based on pilot accounts, encounters with these UAPs [unidentified aerial phenomena] often involved complex flight patterns and advanced maneuvering, which demand extreme advances in quantum mechanics, nuclear science, electromagnetics and thermodynamics,” North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker wrote in a letter to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer in July.


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Had 2 vivid dreams about alien invasion last night. Woke up because it was so intense. Went to the toilet, came back, slept some more and slid right back into the same dream. Think that happened once before in my life. Haven't had dreams as vivid as that for a while either. They were blowing things up with lasers. Big churches n stuff. Felt so real.

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Aliens blowing up churches is well Wells.

Anyone else been following this 'storming of Area 51' thing? I love it that some guy doing the Naruto run managed to photobomb a live news report.