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As a solitary soul the best 'thing' about living in London is almost incontestably the galleries/museums. The craziest thing is most of them are completely free to walk into and around. It's probably less mindboggling if you've lived in London all your life. No other city in the UK and not relatively few on the planet can compare.

What other galleries need to be visited worldwide? Aside from the Louvre.
Didn't see this before, will add a couple:

Thyssen-Bornemiza in Madrid - amazing selection of early 20th century paintings, if you're into that kind of thing (which I am). Probably the best gallery I've been to.
Reina Sofia, again in Madrid - fantastic selection of Spanish and South American art, also Guernica.

Haven't been there, but the Savitsky Museum in Nukus, Uzbekistan must be one of the most surprising of world galleries:

Van Gogh Museum (in Amsterdam) was a bit of a let-down, didn't have as much as I'd've expected (but maybe makes sense in the wider context of the art world, private collectors, cultural power of museums in NY/London/Paris etc).


in je ogen waait de wind
the current active topics, sleeping, dreaming, freak waves and the catastrophe had me thinking of this painting. an imagination of the arctic sea as friedrich never actually visited the arctic or had been up so far north. the text is from esther leslie's "liquid crystals: the science and art of a fluid form"


"Caspar David Friedrich’s 'Sea of Ice’; the frosty sublime; imagined
shipwrecks; Hamburg; the moon, the sea, the earth; Kant and the
trade winds; diamonds; money, liquid and crystal, frozen wastes
of abstraction; ice-up; money as a liquid crystal; 'as if'; liquidation
of the self; everything is water; society is no solid crystal; crystals
in crystal; melting polar caps; black ice; Urforms and liquid crystal
screens; states, phases and metaphors; stabil; labil; matter and
thought; water; displays; clouds; liquid crystals"


in je ogen waait de wind
"This is sublimity beyond the sublime drama of nature. It is a peculiar cold sublime, in which sublime experience is displaced. This is a scene depicting the after-effects of nature’s immense and indifferent powers. It pictures the afterwards of sublime tumult, when everything might continue as ongoing catastrophe, or when, possibly, there might be respite, a caesura."


Who loves ya, baby?
One of my brothers is a tattoo artist, has drawn, painted and done graffiti for years and said he recently tried to paint along with Bob Ross and developed a newfound respect for him as it's a fuck load harder than he makes it look.