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“If someone who has made promise of celibacy or a vow of chastity has a dating app on his or her phone, that is asking for trouble,” said Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin of Newark at a Zoom panel organized by Georgetown University.


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How else can we feed our children?
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One from my dad's hometown:

'NO JUSTICE' Man at war with neighbour insists 'threatening to kick someone up the a**e' doesn't make him a 'major criminal'​

I've actually seen Mousey Jinks, at the 2002/2003 (?) All-Ireland Donkey Derby in Mullaghmore. He was walking around in a cowboy hat, a long black leather coat and a high-vis bib, and awarded one of the prizes to an infant jockey.

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In an April screening of channel Three’s comedy current affairs show New Zealand Today, hosted by Guy Williams, the Wizard said he liked to tease women by telling them they were devious, and said “they use cunning to get men who are thick”.

Come on though, facts are facts.

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Shub-Niggurath, Please
"A NASA astronaut stationed aboard the International Space Station acknowledged this week that a design flaw in the toilet built into SpaceX’s Crew Dragon module will force she and her colleagues to use diapers during their upcoming return journey to Earth."