The board's appealing new look!


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Annoyingly our beautiful nick(s)kin had to go by-the-by.

I had to upgrade the board software from 3.0.11 to 3.6.0 because it had become really vulnerable to bugs and hacking and that necessetitated abandoning all the old style templates.

I'd like to try and co-erce Anil Bawa to rebuild it for this version of the software, untill then I'm afraid everyone will have to tolerate these skins I've bought (the best that were available you'll be astonished to find!)


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Oh. I'll delete that other thread!

The smilies still seem to be missing.

Are there no shareware/open source skins?

Thanks for the upgrade and ongoing backroom stuff, Matt!
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truly shocking! but at least it still works... & is black... you can almost see your face in it!
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Are those bloody ipods as icons for each board heading??? Eugh. The old design was very pleasant on the eye... this is like living in Bladerunner or something, but without that handy device that infinitely zooms in on photographs...
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oh disregard my board feedback then

i really loved that original dissensus look, it was such a refreshing one.
but i believe this will have to do. the black is strange at first, but i'm sure it'll grow on me


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people! (sighs) as soon as i can get the old look back you will have it again. it's just that it takes rebuilding for this new version of vB.


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ok that's better. i like this look actually. anil raided it for load of the nik(s)kin stuff. it has a mac bias i suppose, but wtf.

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I quite like the black skin actually, only problem is it seems to be a bit "dark" in comparison with the other skins (as in "impossible to discern where the icons are") but that's swiftly rectified by a little monitor tinkering of course.


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Am sure that everyone knows this already, but you can select a skin from a number of options in the lower lefthand corner (or for some, middle) of the main page. The 'default' skin is actually somewhat close to the old Nick skin, on my computer at least, since it comes complete with similar layout for search, new posts, etc. Colors are different, of course.

In any case, we should all thank Woebot for taking the time to deal with these kinds of issues, and also for paying for new skins. He's a busy fellow, you know. Thanks, Matt!


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lol. iono when this so called 'black' skin was removed.
but inspite of not having seen it.
i would def say this 'OSX' look fits quite nicely with, well, OSX. hehe
all other mac heads must appreciate it as well.
nice one for that!


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The default skin is fine, if a bit weird/80s.

I wanna see the other choices you had, if those were worse! trust your judgment, it would just be amusing to see how bad it can get...