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Who loves ya, baby?
I do actually like Dylan and he does have good albums. I dunno that I can muster the enthusiasm to listen to a new one, mind you.


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dunno. the nytimes called the album "equal parts death-haunted and cantankerous", gotta love a guy who honestly doesn't give two shits about pleasing anyone other than himself. respect.


Beast of Burden
Its his 39th studio album, and its actually pretty good. His voice sounds the youngest it has in about 30 years.


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ah, maybe 60th with live albums and comps included. read that number somewhere. not that 39 isn't impressive.


thread death
I remember a discussion on Dylan a few years ago in which K Punk was having none of it. The new album is great, if you like Dylan. It’s not going to convert newcomers, I think. There’s a great deal of humour in there, knowing winks about his own legend, some outrageous rhymes that just hold, wry jokes but also it does feel like he’s doing some summing up - his review of the twentieth century on Murder Most Foul and his inward glare on Multitudes. Whether you buy into that or just think it’s a series of cheap tricks is up to you. It feels sincere to me.
I’ve kind of got to that stage now where I generally think about most things - I like it but I don’t necessarily expect anyone else to.